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Class Descriptions

Vicki’s classes:


Gentle: In this class we will include a number of warm-ups, followed with various postures, including standing, balancing, forward bends, backward bends, and inversions, where your head is lower than you heart (no headstands!). At the end of class, you may relax on your back, giving your body time to absorb your practice. Throughout the yoga class, you'll be instructed on how to incorporate the breath, as this is one of the most important aspects of yoga.


All Levels: Although this class is for all levels, some prior yoga experience is recommended. The class will start with gentle movements, then include Sun Salutation to heat the body prior to practicing a variety of poses (as mentioned above), including various inversions, such as shoulder-stands, headstands, and handstands. You will be guided through all the postures, modifying each pose as needed and only go as far as you would like to go.


Senior Class: Similar to the Gentle class, incorporating the breath as you move through your yoga postures, however, the poses will be held for a shorter duration and will be geared to a less flexible body.

Ashtanga: One of the first vinyasa/flow classes that emerged in the US in the early 1970's.  It is a set sequence of poses, and it does include inversions such as shoulder stands and headstands.  These poses are not typically part of the more recent Vinyasa classes that are now so popular.  With that said, do not let inversions deter you from this classical style of yoga.  You will be guided as you learn all the postures including the more challenging inversions.  As always, you go where you feel comfortable.  Ashtanga is a vigorous practice, prior experience recommended.

Cathy’s classes:


Mixed level beginner to advanced beginner class:

In this class, we will learn and explore some of the music rhythms which make up middle eastern music including Arabic, Turkish, and Armenian rhythms. Each week we will work with a different rhythm and explore movement vocabulary and combos that work with or highlight that rhythm. We will continue to work with basic movements, some elements of layering movements, movement combos, and in some cases zill patterns (finger cymbals) to accompany the movements.

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