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Our Instructors

Vicki Brunelle: Yoga Instructor and owner of Yoga For Health


I started practicing yoga 30 years ago through a community class at a local high school as I was looking for a way to be in better shape when the ski season started. I was fortunate to attend a workshop at the Kripalu Yoga Retreat in Lenox, MA and I was hooked! Little did I know that yoga was so much more than just the physical body, as I soon discovered its other benefits, such as quieting the mind and lifting the spirit! After practicing yoga for several years I decided to teach, to share the gift of yoga, and completed my first yoga training in 1998, through Integrative Yoga Therapy at Kripalu, and started teaching at Yoga Spirit in Merrimack, NH for 1.5 years. I completed my 200 month long training at Kripalu in 1999, and soon afterwards opened my first studio, Yoga for Health, in the spring of 1999 in the center of Townsend. Since then I have attended many different yoga trainings, including Ashtanga with David Swenson, Iyengar with Patricia Walden, Jivamukti with David Life, and Dharma Yoga with Dharma Mitra- which allowed me to experience a few of the many styles of yoga. After teaching in Townsend 6 years, I moved to a larger space in Lunenburg, stayed for 8 years, and am now back in Townsend, in a beautiful space, for the past 5 years.


Cathy Moore: Belly Dance Teacher and performer, Certified Nurse Midwife


Cathy began belly dancing in 1996. She studied with a collective called The Goddess Dancing , whose mission was teaching the dance as a tool of healing & self-empowerment. She was hooked from the start - emotionally stirred by the sensuality & beauty of the movements - and knew that she needed to continue to explore the art. Cathy has been teaching belly dance classes at the Yoga for Health studio for over 12 years now. Besides being a lot of fun, her classes create a safe and supportive environment for learning and experimenting with a goal of empowering her students to find a new appreciation of their bodies and to tap into their personal creativity and expression.


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